5-Minutes Intense Tabata Workout to Help You Get Rid of Fat Fast

Intense Tabata Workout

HIIT is rapidly becoming one of the most famous workout routines among people who want to lose weight, build their strength and work on their endurance. So far most people are just familiar with HIIT basic workout that requires you to start with high-intensity workout sprints followed by a small resting period. However, there are so many other variations that most people are not aware of. One of the best and most famous HIIT variations is known as Tabata and so far it has taken the fitness world by storm. There are so many different workout variations where you can use simple cardio-based exercises but design them into different patterns for better output. One of the most famous workout routines is a high-intensity workout routine. People usually feel that it is all about the exercise so they select high-intensity exercises without looking at the workout pattern. Eventually, the workout pattern reduces the impact of the exercise and you do not get the desired results.

With the help of this article, we will look at the main difference between High-intensity interval training and Tabata training. We will then look at five major mistakes that you need to avoid for better workout training. Finally, we will look at a simple 5 minutes Tabata training that you can easily perform at home.

What Is The Difference Between HIIT And Tabata?

Although Tabata is a variation of HIIT, the pattern of adjusting the basic exercise is very different. With High-intensity interval training, you will have a simple workout pattern and your exercise will be divided into intense workout prints followed by a resting period. However, you need to maintain a 4 to 1 ratio so you do not end up taking a long resting time.

On the contrary, Tabata maintains almost the same pattern. However, the ratio is different and the intensity is more. For the Tabata, you will have to maintain a 2 to 1 ratio. For every 2 seconds spent on the intense workout, you will be spending 1 second for rest. Since you will have shorter high-intensity spans followed by short and simple resting sprints, Tabata is a much better workout pattern than HIIT.

Top Five Mistakes to Avoid While Designing A Tabata Workout Pattern

Although most people take professional help when they plan a workout routine, sometimes beginners try to plan their workout on their own. Here are five simple mistakes that you need to avoid for a better Tabata workout plan.

  • Do not exceed the resting and workout ratio otherwise, you will not be able to get desired results
  • Focusing on technique and using full intensity is very important. Most people start with full intensity only to lose motivation and this way they do not get desired results.
  • The majority of people use simple cardio-based exercise without using weight. However, weight doesn’t have to be external only, you can also use your internal body weight.
  • Not helping your body in recovery through diet and rest is one of the main reasons most people do not achieve their desired results.
  • Another important issue is not starting the workout with a warm-up. Without a warm-up, your body will not be able to get favorable results because it will not be able to utilize all the muscles. 

5 Minutes Workout

Start with 20 seconds of rope skipping and make sure you are using your arms properly. Try to secure your grip over the rope and hold it formally. After the 20 seconds of rope, skipping takes 10 seconds of break and the start 20 seconds of lateral step pull. Make sure your technique is good and you are not dragging your leg. If you end up dragging your leg with full intensity, you will feel the pain. After these 20 seconds, the workout takes 10 seconds of rest. Now start with crunches so you can target your abs and core as well. This will take 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. Then you need to start with Burpees for 20 seconds followed by resting time. Finally switch to lunges so you can work on opening your leg muscles. Finally, end your workout with 20 seconds of hip external rotation and boat twist. Now after the workout, you need to finish it off by running a sprint on the treadmill for better results.

Bottom Line

 To sum it all up, the fast paced world we live in is damaging our well-being. As a result, we try to utilize all the time we have for material gains. People complain they do not have enough time for the workout so they have to skip the daily dose of exercise. However, with the help of this 5-minute exercise routine, you will be able to save time and still you can get desired results. This is an intense workout so you will be burning a lot of calories however it is better to start with a warm-up routine that will help your body get adjusted and your blood rushing. This will eventually help you to exercise properly without getting injured. With a warm-up session, you will also be able to get a better recovery.

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