6 Popular Clear Aligners Myths Busted!

Straightening teeth has always seemed like a challenging endeavour as braces are difficult to handle. Metal braces, in particular, have their own set of downsides, such as the development of canker sores, the risk of damaging the carefully placed metal, and, of course, the inability to enjoy a range of foods.

However, a mouth that has been exposed to a full set of metal braces may not be your ideal blueprint for an attractive, healthy smile. Recent advancements in dentistry have provided an amazing misaligned teeth alternative, i.e. teeth aligners. Even after being the best teeth straightening alternative, most people fear getting aligners as some common myths hold them back. If you too find yourself in the same situation, this blog is a must-read for you. It has busted the most common myths of clear aligners.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Traditional braces are unfashionable and not at all pleasing to the eyes. This is why clear aligners come off as great alternative to traditional braces. Clear aligners, as the name suggests, are ‘clear’ or transparent unlike the old-fashioned ones and are designed to guide and keep the teeth in their proper positions. The clear aligners gradually apply force on the misaligned or overcrowded teeth to control and restrict their movements without any metal wires or brackets.

The clear aligners are generally made of strong and extremely high-quality plastic and are shaped to fit each individual’s mouth. Sometimes, a series of aligners are needed until the desired movement and the perfect fit are achieved. Clear aligners are to be worn for at least 20 hours a day for the highest efficacy. Each of the aligners is meant to be worn for three weeks after which another set is given. You have to wear the aligners depending on your level of severity but aligner treatment can range from three weeks to six months.

Busting the Myths Of Clear Aligners

  1. Clear aligners are effective only for mild cases

This is not true since clear aligners are extensively effective to correct multiple orthodontic issues, both mild as well as severe. However, a few intensely severe cases might require some dental work in the initial stage but the dentist would be the best person to guide in these matters. Once the initial dental work is conducted, the orthodontic issue can be treated by using clear aligners.

  • Clear aligners are not as good as traditional braces

Clear aligners are equally effective as traditional braces and are more aesthetic. Clear aligners let you brush and floss your teeth with more ease than when you are wearing traditional braces. Traditional braces have wires that cause mild headaches when tightened and this is definitely not the case with clear aligners. The latter is greatly effective and does not cause any pain or headache.

  • Clear aligners are not cost-effective

Well, this is not quite true. Most people refrain from opting for clear aligners because they believe that these aligners are beyond their affordability. Contrarily, clear aligners are too costly and have almost the same price as traditional metal braces. So, you need not worry about spending much while opting for clear aligners.

  • Clear aligners put restrictions on food

One of the several reasons why numerous people choose clear aligners is because there are no dietary and food restrictions. Just make sure that you take off the aligners before you eat and wear them again after you have eaten and brushed your teeth. You can eat all that your heart desires but avoid sugary, starchy and acidic food items so that you can enhance your oral health, with or without aligners. Though you should opt for a soft diet in the initial days after getting the clear aligners as your mouth might feel a little sore.

  • Clear aligners hinder speech

For the initial two to three days you will indeed have some difficulty while talking but this does not mean that you will be totally prevented from speaking properly. Generally, you will observe a lisp while saying a few words. After your tongue and lips have grown totally accustomed to the clear aligners, you will be able to speak quite well without any hindrance or lisp.

  • Clear aligners alter the taste of food

Since the aligners have neither taste nor smell of their own, the taste of the food you eat remains unaltered. However, if you do not clean your mouth and the aligners thoroughly after each meal, it will definitely alter your oral breath.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are highly effective and change the way your teeth look and improve your smile. There are chances that your dentist might refrain from applying a dental crown instantly on any of the teeth since the invisible braces remain close to your teeth and therefore, they might not settle well owing to the dental crowns. It is best to let your dentist decide upon the succeeding course of action and suggest ways to maintain proper dental care after getting the clear aligners.

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