What is better, cavitation or laser lipo?

Is it possible to attain body sculpting at home? Well, it may sound a little challenging. You can go for laser lipo or cavitation lipo to achieve the desired body sculpting results. In simple words, under cavitation lipo, powerful ultrasound is used to eliminate fat. On the other hand, in laser lipo, experts use light or laser heat. But which option is good for you? Let’s discuss these two options in detail to find the answer.

What Do You Mean By Cavitation Liposuction?

As per the experts, this can be a perfect way for body sculpting at home. It offers satisfying and real benefits and is less invasive. Different studies have proved that it creates fewer risks. But you should always keep in mind that it can have some side effects.

Now you might be wondering about the type of side effects you may develop. Well, pain and bruising are some common side effects that you may face, but these are short-term. Besides, this procedure is also inexpensive. All will depend on the area of your body you want to treat or shape.

Some Requirements For Cavitation Liposuction

  • Your overall health should be good.
  • Nonsmoker
  • Has realistic expectations

Will The Process Affect Your Daily Life?

Well, this process is fast and can be completed within just an hour. Once done, you can drive immediately and enjoy your daily activities normally. After a few days, the cells will get absorbed by the lymphatic system and will come out as a waste.

What Do You Mean By Laser Liposuction?

This process is also non-invasive, and it greatly depends on the laser heat instead of incisions. You can slim or shape your body faster without much effort. During the procedure, powerful yet safe laser energy will penetrate down to the fat cells and will create small holes in their membranes. As a result, your fat cells will begin to release the stored fatty acids, water, and glycerol into the body. Then they will shrink, reducing your body size.

Are You Qualified For This?

  • If you are 25 pounds more than your ideal weight, then go for this option.
  • It is ideal if you are concerned with a certain area instead of your total body weight.
  • If you have good skin elasticity.

Once the treatment is done, you can see the difference within a few hours. However, for the best result, it is advisable to go through multiple sessions. This body sculpting at-home treatment is cheap.

You can opt for laser liposuction for different body parts, like the waistline, abdomen, under the chin, thighs, and arms. The chance of developing side effects is also low.

Well, both the options are good. But to understand what will work best for you, it is advisable to consult your doctor. Your doctor will evaluate your current body’s conditions and suggest the right treatment plan. Besides, you should also follow a good diet plan after the treatment to enjoy the results for a long time period. However, these are a better alternative to surgical processes.